The Only Teeth Whitening System Using The Power Of Photo-Dynamic Green Light

Smartbleach® Teeth Whitening

The proven teeth whitening system just got even better with the release of Smartbleach® 3LT. Find out why Smartbleach® is simply a better teeth whitening system for your teeth!

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Video of New SmartLight® 3LT
The Proven Teeth Whitening Performance of Smartbleach®

Smartbleach® is the world's most effective laser teeth-whitening system. A single Smartbleach® treatment gives you a long-lasting whiter smile in less than one-hour.

Teeth discolouration can be caused by smoking, dietary habits, the effects of some childhood antibiotics or, most commonly, time - as we get older our teeth get yellower.

Smartbleach® dentists will explain the treatment and show the results they can guarantee you. If you are satisfied with the improvement guaranteed, you can make an appointment for the treatment.

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The New Smartbleach® 3LT


Smartlight 3lt teeth whitening equipmentSmartbleach® continues its proven teeth whitening performance with the release of the Smartbleach® 3LT.


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